my list

throughout my life, there have been things that i worried about. i feel that i spent too much time and energy thinking about them. so as part of my decision to be happy, i made a list. i called it my security list. i listed things that i think about a lot along with reasons why i am secure. insecurities often affect the way you can live your life. but you can be secure in these things. focus on what is good and see if what is good actually makes you happy. then you make your decision from there. since i’ve made this list i have been able to focus more on what makes me happy and accept all parts of myself. things that i wasn’t a fan of before (for example- my eczema) i wrote that it represents my ability to bounce back after any situation and that I will always heal and be whole. i definitely recommend making your own list! see what happens when you do! 

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