quito, ecuador 

¡hola! so since i will be in ecuador for the rest of the month (i’ve been here since the third), i’ve decided to do a travel blog. i’m a little late because i’ve been here about a week, but i plan to fill you all in on what’s been going on in this lovely country! just so background information-

  • I’m in Quito to work with The Quito Project, a collaborative project between the university of michigan and the university of san fransisco quito to run a summer camp. I’m working in the 5-7 year old classroom. 
  • Quito is the capital of Ecuador and is over 9,000 feet above sea level. the altitude adjustment was pretty simple but you have to stay really hydrated! 
  • I’m staying in a hostel with other volunteers from the university of michigan; I have three roommates.
  • All the students from USFQ are education majors, while I’m the only person interested in education from UofM
  • the weather here is really nice. it’s chiller in the morning, it gets to about 70 during the day but since the uv rays are so harsh it feels a lot warmer and then it cools down at night 

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