heading home 

Today is my last day in Quito; my flight leaves this evening at 11:30. after living alone in another country for a month, i can confidently say i’ve changed. i’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with children who have made me question how i interact with them and the decisions i make. i knowContinue reading “heading home “

summer camp 

So I originally planned to do this documentary of my adventures inQuito in order but I decide to start by talking about why I’m here. So I am working at a summer camp, in the five to seven year old classroom with five other tutors. Our classroom is at the beginning of the school, andContinue reading “summer camp “

the importance of black teachers

black women have a unique role in society. we are the most educated group of americans (college wise), creative, loving and all around amazing. some may argue that humans didn’t start off as black, but technically speaking you can’t go from white to black, only from black to white. so i would argue that blackContinue reading “the importance of black teachers”

quito, ecuador 

¡hola! so since i will be in ecuador for the rest of the month (i’ve been here since the third), i’ve decided to do a travel blog. i’m a little late because i’ve been here about a week, but i plan to fill you all in on what’s been going on in this lovely country!Continue reading “quito, ecuador “

book review- Equity 101: the framework by Curtis Linton

I am writing this book review after reading the first three chapters, which I feel has given me enough information to thoroughly understand Linton’s message. I believe that this book is helpful- it defines what equity truly means and serves as a resource to understand and be conscious of privilege. This is a good bookContinue reading “book review- Equity 101: the framework by Curtis Linton”