I choose 

Today I made a decision that will positively impact the rest of my life. the more i’ve learned about life and people, i feel like somewhere along the way i lost my positive outlook. i was so caught up on what needed to be fixed and defining problems that i forgot to look at the good. but positivity is a choice. being happy is a decision. and it’s the one i chose. i have chosen to live my life in love and light, acknowledging that the universe will provide me with all that i need. i will remove the word “not” and any word like it from my vocabulary. i will talk about things that i want and think about things that i want. i will attract positivity, genuine love and happiness to my life. my intuition will remain strong and i will always be able to take care of and protect myself. i trust myself and those around me. this i declare, today and for every day for the rest of my life. you have the ability to make the same decision. what do you choose?

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  1. jjinz says:

    Good description of what joy would look and feel like. We all get stuck at times and as you affirm, we have to recognize this and make a conscious decision to choose joy. We are in charge of what we think upon so why not choose joy? In doing so it becomes contagious and others begin to share in our joy .

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