So it has recently come up that I have not released some things as completely as I needed to. This is a natural process- sometimes you’re just not as “over” things as you try to make yourself believe. I believe it is a coping mechanism- we think we are over something because we don’t want to feel our emotions. Well the process of not letting this emotions negatively affects your health. For me, when this happens my eczema flares up on my hands. I first started getting eczema on my hands in 11th grade, and it’s really been a battle. Recently, my hands were almost clear. So the flare up was noticeable and honestly- heartbreaking. I thought I was past this. But apparently I’m not. I have come to understand that when you still talk about things on a normal basis and still feel those same emotions- that means your not over it. I think I try to convince myself that I am to allow that to become my reality. My reality is I’m healing. I was hurt, and I’m healing. Healing is a process and it takes time. So as I’m in this healing process, I’m going to just let go and all the Universe to have complete control. I know that I will heal, and I know that you will too. The first step is just releasing. Good luck.

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