que será, será 

as we welcome into the new month, I just wanted to share some insight. The phrase que será, será is Spanish, which translates as what will be, will be. This motto is extremely important to me. At this point in my life I’m working on truly releasing the need to control. I’ve begun to understand that I like to control things so that I am sure that the outcome will result in my happiness and the happiness of others. My happiness is always the most important to me, but I do always try to make decisions so other people are happy along with me. I’m learning to go with the flow. And really just enjoying life. I used to be so obsessed with time. I never felt like I had enough. During my retirement (lol it’s an inside joke in reference to the time I’ve been out of school- I am yet to find a job and I leave for Ecuador next month), I’ve learned that I have all of the time I need. Enjoy life. Just know that you have enough time and that the need to control can be easily released. All is well. Remember that. 

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