true friends 

this school year has had its ups and downs, but that’s a subject for another post. right now I want to talk about friends. this year I’ve made new friends and lost some along the way. making and losing friends is a part of life, but I want to spend a moment on how I’ve learned to cope with the end of friendships. 

  1. Acknowledge that it hurts- break ups are hard, whether it was a romantic relationship or just a friendship. It’s hard. These things happen for a reason. remember the good times and accept what has happened. relationships end for a reason and the best thing to remember is why the break up happened. reiterating that makes it so much easier to move on. 
  2. Finding new outlets- friendships take up more time than you’d expect. use that new time to find things that you like to do. this will really help you heal too.
  3. Let it out- sometimes you need to let the emotions out. I normally cry and write. Both of the things help me sort through my feelings and I always end up feeling better. 

I hope this little list makes a difference. You deserve healthiness and happiness in all elements of your life and I hope you get them! 

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