control your anger

traditionally, people are taught to suppress their emotions- specifically sadness and anger. this has a lot to due with the fact that the reactions to these emotions are not always positive. while I do believe that there are better ways to handle these emotions, it is important to address and express them. the emotion I want to talk about today is anger.

  • What is it

Anger is a natural emotion, that occurs normally after something happens that you’re not fond of. This could be a mean statement or just something you didn’t necessarily want to hear. It’s a natural emotion, but it’s not always expressed in the best ways.

  • How to identify it

When things make you angry, it’s easy to feel it physically. A common sign is getting hot or tonsil pain. When you start to feel physically different it is time to step back, take a breath and breathe.

  • How to deal with it

the best way to deal with anger is to think logically. recently what I’ve tried is to think about how I feel and communicate it in the best way possible. to do this, i’ve started writing out and then expressing it after I’ve had a moment to think about it. I feel like my communication has become better.

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