hair care tips 

Hi loves!

With this crazy Michigan weather, it’s been really important for me to spend a little extra time on my hair. I just wanted to share some tips! 

  • Tips
    • Leave a shower cap on: I cannot stress this enough! I showered without one on last week and combing out my hair was a nightmare! I believe it’s because the roots got curly and tangled. It was horrible. Never again.
    • Make sure you put on leave in and wet your hair down before you comb it- I often braid my hair at night and I’ve realized that when I undo it in the morning it’s a lot easier to comb through to style after I wet it and add a little leave in. You don’t want your hair to be too drenched for two reasons: one, it’s wet and that’s not fun, two because of shrinkage- adding too much water will make it shrink. I braid my hair to stretch it out, because I have a lot of shrinkage, so if I really wet it, it would be counterproductive.     



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