This week is my spring break! I’m super excited to stay home and just relax with my family. I didn’t bring any homework home with me, so that I will force myself to relax. This last week was super busy, but well worth it. I was able to go to some good workshops this week- one on sleep (basically waking up at the same time everyday helps your body forma cycle), one on how to be a good volunteer (it was to help people change their attitudes, so they would understand that they’re not the white savior (but I never had that problem cause I’m not white)) and one about types of schools (to teach at- I’m currently looking at public charter schools). With less than two months until summer, I’m looking forward to finishing up this semester and growing as a person. I am happy with the way my life is going. I am surrounded by love and supported by those around me. My only goal is to grow. I also want to increase my GPA, so my cumulative can be around a 3.7/3.8. This summer I will be going to Ecuador, so planning for that will be super fun. I’m excited to keep growing and look forward to sharing more of my life with you.


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