So for those of you that don’t know, Hurt Bae was a short film produced by The Scene. Attached I have the YouTube link, if you haven’t seen it. I just wanted to write a review, as the video relates a lot to the stuff I blog about. Basically it was about  Kourtney and Leonard, a couple, who broke up because of cheating. It was hard for me to watch, because I could see in her eyes how much she loved him, and I could see how much he didn’t care. What really hit me was when he asked her why she forgave him for cheating, she said it was because he’s her best friend. I truly believe love is pure and unconditional, and that’s why she forgave him. And forgiving is important, but she shouldn’t have went back. You have to be selective with who you love. People who respect you and love you back deserve your love. But you also have to love yourself. Define your self-worth. You deserve to be happy and in a healthy loving relationship. Even if at this point in your life you don’t want a relationship, you still deserve to be happy. You deserve to be surround by love. Self-love is a journey, so I can understand why she would go back. I can understand that she wouldn’t want to be alone. But you have to understand that being alone is okay. All too often people have not created the peace within themselves to be alone. Being alone is healthy and you have to get used to it. Even if you’re married, sometimes you’ll be alone cause your spouse won’t be there. Define your self worth and love yourself enough to make sure you can be happy. You deserve peace, love and happiness. I hope, that if Kourtney reads this she’ll understand that when you love someone, you have to still love yourself the most. You have to give up toxic relationships to live a healthy life. I hope you all also understand the importance of putting yourself first. Because at the end of the day, no one has your back like you can. 


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