tips, tricks and self love

I wanted to talk for a moment about my life. I’ve gone through numerous serious events in my life (just as many people have) and have learned from my past. As a result of this learning, I created a blog to share what I learned. I not only wanted to use this blog as an outlet for myself (to release emotions, etc) but to help others. That’s one of the reasons why I talk about self care so much, because I value it in my own life. Everything that I blog about (unless I’m saying that I found something out that I want to try) I have done in my real life. I meditate daily, practice hair tips that I blog about, and have been working on my communication skills (my roommate even told me that I’m a good listener!). The purpose of my blog is to help others and share knowledge. I just wanted to make sure that it is clear that I practice what I preach. It recently came to my attention that that might not be clear! 


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