positivity for my dorm! (and life) 

so as you know for part of this past week I was on fall break, so I went home. One of the days that I was home I went to the Boston Tea Room (in Ferndale). I went there before to get my crystals (the link to that blog is https://lovemayah.com/2016/07/21/crystals/). Which I love and still use. I went back to get some stones for grounding. I ended up getting three: obsidian, apache tears and goldstone. black stones are used to clear negative energies with brown stones ground you. I also got a capricorn necklace. I am a capricorn, but i got this necklace because it came to me (like i all of a sudden found it and it was the only one of its kind in the section of the store I was in). So I decided it must have been fate. I got a dream catcher, because that also works to clear out negativity (in this case negative dreams). I got yellow because my theme for my dorm is yellow, gray and white. I’m really happy I got these things and just wanted to share that you have to buy things that matter to you! You matter! Value yourself and take time for you. Yesterday I literally did almost nothing (until black homecoming which i’ll blog about later), and I enjoyed it. You have to take time and value you. You matter. Make sure that you’re taking care of yourself because you need to be the most important person to you!

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