october 2016

This month is the time for you to take care of yourself. As life starts to get busier, it’s important to make time for you. My goal is to have at least an hour of “me time” a day. That idea came to me when I went to yoga towards the beginning of the school year, when the instructor thanked all of us for taking time for ourselves today. Today my “me time” includes repainting my toes and blogging. I love to meditate outside and since it warmed up a little, I will probably do that later on. There are a couple things I’d also like to address for this month!

Self love

This is honestly one of my favorite topics. It’s the most important thing. It is important to note that self love is directly related to self care. Self care includes physical care as well as emotional care. Taking time for yourself is crucial. Life gets busy, especially once course work starts getting heavier. I think I’ve found a new place to do yoga and I am so excited about that. Doing yoga is good for me and the best part is there’s a package I can do that’s unlimited for less than sixty dollars for the whole semester. That works because I’m committed not only to doing my school work, but to taking care of me. Eating unhealthy is very easy here, but so is eating healthy (we have a vegan/vegetarian part of the cafeteria). Sleep is also really important. I sleep between eight and nine hours every night. But I know a lot of people who stay up really late. Eating right, excerising and sleeping are too important. 

Maintaining Long Distance Relationships

Distance changes relationships. It just does. This isn’t a bad thing though. I know that I’m the type of person who likes to communicate. I’ve been working on my communication skills for a while and I like to communicate. But it’s important to understand that everyone has to put in effort. During retrograde I mentioned how I stopped putting so much of an effort and that has affected relationships for me. What I suggest is talking it out. And remember that you’re too important to be forgotten, so no one forgot about you. In addition to that, remember that you set the standards for how you’re treated and being upset is natural. Communicate how you feel. You deserve to be heard and treated the way YOU want. 

Adjusting post culture shock 

This election has brought out a lot of issues. It has also brought out a lot of hate. On campus there have been some incidents where groups like the Alt Rights, have posted hateful things about African Americans. Honestly I feel like it made me more anxious about being here than I was before, but then I realized that was the goal. I’m a part of a few groups specifically for black students, and I’ve realized that I’m not the only person who was/is upset or scared. A couple of my teachers have reached out to me (because I’m pretty open about the fact that stuff like that upsets me) and I really appreciated that. I think that besides like just talking it out with friends that I should maybe go see a counselor. Yesterday I did go to the counseling center, because they have these really nice massage chairs so I tried it out. The picture of the wooden block is what I got there. Outside the office they had a wall of positive sayings, with a sign instructing you to take one and leave one, so this is the one I look. It’s currently hanging on my desk. I think that if I do decide to go to the counselor, it’ll ease the transition for me. Sometimes you just have to see what’s best for you. But still we rise. 

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