braids, weaves & curls

As you know from my last hair post, I’ve been wearing my hair in braids since I’ve gotten to college. It works out really nice because my roommate does my hair and it gives us a chance to have some really deep conversation for concentrated periods of time. So what normally happens is I pick the hair style off of Pinterest (which is one of my favorite apps) and she’ll recreate it for me. This system works really nice but I noticed something. And that is what I want to talk about.

  • Weaves affect perceptions on hair. I think weaves are great honestly. Though I’ve never had a weave, many of the young women that I’m close with wear weaves. So I have learned about weaves in my life. I think that when used correctly, they allow you to hair versatility in your hair styles and can grow your hair out a lot. Understanding this is one of the reasons why I wanted to start having my hair cornrowed. I can’t wear weaves because I have eczema in my scalp. Due to this, I wash my hair about every ten days, so it would be almost pointless to have a weave for ten days. I also am scared that it would irritate my scalp and to me it’s just not worth it, so I’ll just admire weaves from a far. The only reason I’m bringing this up to to bring awareness about this issue.
    • In the black community weaves are very popular. Majority of weaves end up going well on your back, creating expectations for hair length that aren’t often reached. Of course it is possible for black women to grow out their hair down to their butt, but many don’t. So when it’s time to recreate these styles, it is easy to expect these styles on natural hair to match styles with added hair. I’m saying all this to say, that my hair is never going to look like those girls on pinterest. Because my hair isn’t way down my back (it is almost at my armpit) and that’s honestly a good length. I just wanted to spread awareness that it’s okay if your hair isn’t down to your butt, because for most people that’s not a reality. Weaves are great, but they shouldn’t be your expectation for your real hair. But great weaves should be your expectation for your own weave.

Just remember that growing your hair out is a journey. When hair is added to styles, it changes the way the look. Either with weave or without is completely your choice, just remember to love your hair the way it is!


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