the phone works both ways

While I do know that mercury is affecting communication heavily, there is a certain amount of responsibility in communicating (this number is not a very large one but it is important). One thing I have been doing is seeing how much of an effort people are making to communicate with me. I enjoy talking, so I feel like I’m more likely to make the effort to communicate with someone else. And what I’m referring to is like friendships, which I feel like should be 50-50 (I don’t believe the same for romantic relationships which I’ll talk about later). There are a few reasons why I’ve been trying this out.

  • Friendships

Friendships should be 50-50. Friendships do require a lot of work and attention, which is why it should be mutual. If you always feel like you’re the one making more of an effort to talk to them, think about what’s really going on. There could be a variety of different issues, but I just think it’s important to think about. If you’re close friends with someone, talking to them often is going to keep the closeness. This is especially important in long-distance friendships, because going from seeing someone every day to not seeing them can and will change things. You just have to know what kind of friendship you are looking for. Also, pay attention to why people are communicating you. Is it always that they need something? What happens when you tell them good news? What happens when you tell them good news and they’re not content with where they are in life? Answers to these questions matter. Go out of your way only for those who deserve it. Am I say that you can’t still be friends with them? No I’m not all I am saying is you need to evaluate your friendships, because friendships can make you or break you. And in your life you only need to have room for those that build you up. But you also have to evaluate what kind of friend you are. What happens when someone tells you good news and you aren’t happy with where you are in life? What kind of friend do you want? Is that the friend that you are being? Self evaluation is just as important as evaluating your friendships. Because just as you want good friendships, so do your friends!

  • Romantic relationships

This conversation is solely based off of my experiences and what I feel would make a successful relationship. Communication should be mutual but it shouldn’t always be 50-50. I think 60-40 works just a well. I say that because everyone wants to feel wanted. So the additional 10% effort will allow your significant other to feel really wanted, which allows for better communication and overall a better relationship. Overtime though the other person has to take over the 60, so that you both go through periods of feeling very wanted. It should feel like- “oh (insert name) is showing me so much affection, I’m going to do *insert surprise*”. Over time this will continue to go back and forth. I think that is very healthy and allows you both to feel appreciated. Feeling appreciated is really important due to the fact that it leads to a sense of security. The sense of security created from feeling wanted allows you to rid yourself of any insecurities. Insecurities test relationships, but in certain cases they ruin them. Everyone has insecurities, but if you’re secure in your relationship it can be successful. But also remember to pay attention to how you feel. Go with your gut feeling. If you’re feeling that something is right and you’re feeling secure then go for it! Just remember that you are special and you deserve to be valued!


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