life as a college student

Today I had my first day of college! I was so excited about it, and the inspirational messages from my family members just really reiterated how lucky I am to have been given such a supportive loving family. I went for a more professional/ cutesy look- I wore a black dress with a pair of leggings under and TOMS (just because I knew it would be cold in the classrooms. I’m taking four classes- Intensive Spanish (lecture and discussion), Topics in Music, UROP (undergraduate research opportunity program), and a writing seminar about Riots, Police, and Justice in the 1960s. I’m really excited to start this new chapter in my life. I’ve went to three of the four classes today, which all seemed interesting. I’m excited to go to my writing seminar tomorrow (which is my only Wednesday class- bonus it doesn’t start until 4). I’ve already gotten homework in my other three classes (I even went to the library today). Though today was really tiring (I even took a thirty minute nap), I feel like it was the start of my new journey. And a part of that journey was to change my blog link! It’s officially my blog now (like I don’t have the anymore!). I did a couple changes to the theme to make it a little more me. I cannot wait to see what is in store for me and I’m so excited to be a freshman at THE University of Michigan! Go blue!


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