long distance besties

Friendships are constantly evolving. This happens mostly due to the fact that you are on a journey of self discovery, especially during your college years. The relationships that you had in high school are going to change once you get in college. I’ve been close with a couple people that went to college and was amazed at how much the relationship changed. It is not like any love was lost, it was just different. One major thing is communication. In high school, even if you go to different schools, your schedules are basically the same, you’re in class the bulk of the day then you get out. Whether you go to practice or have some sort of meeting or rehearsal, your schedule is pretty much set. As I enter into the college world, one thing I’m really going to keep in mind is schedules. Everyone has different schedules, so it might not be as easy to talk to someone who you always talked to when you were still in high school. Like I said friendships evolve. Long distance really tests how much you’re willing to put into the relationship. It definitely takes a lot more time and effort to communicate effectively. But remember you’re in school for a reason- to get an education. You need to be able to maintain your grades and relationships. And if things aren’t making you happy, you need to be the one to make the change. You deserve to have fun and healthy relationships, whether it’s just a friendship or a romantic relationship. Just keep in mind that a long distance doesn’t mean the friendship is over, all it means is it has changed.


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