For the twelve people that read my blog post, sexuality (which has been deleted), I’d like to say a few things. One I don’t think it was really twelve people because I know I clicked on my own link at least five times, but nonetheless I have to clarify some things. I was upset and angry last night when I posted that, and I shouldn’t have. I should’ve just directly talked to my family (which I did) and discussed my issues with them. So again I’m sorry for that. For now, that blog post is deep in the bowels of the world wide web, where it belongs. I’m really sorry. I’m taking this as an opportunity to learn and understand that communication is important. I’ve never been one to run to my blog for things like that, and I’ve learned why. I’ve learned that personal business should be kept personal, because you are affecting other people. Like I said, words do hurt. So I’m very sorry about that. I just hope that others will be able to learn from my mistake and understand that communication is extremely important. 

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