body art 

On Monday, I went with my best friend and sister to go get another tattoo and get my nose pierced. I did a lot of research on getting my nose pierced (I got a screw and it’s on the left side-it’s supposed to be good for menstrual health). My best friend and I both get matching piercings, which I like a lot. The tattoo I got, says Brave. I wanted to get it down my side, but my mother suggested it would be better in the location that I got it in. I’m glad I did it (it’s very pretty). I got Brave on my side because that’s my goal. As many of you know, I want to be a teacher. I would love to teach elementary school children because they are brave. Children feel what they feel and mean what they say, and aren’t afraid to authentically be themselves. My goal is to find my authentic self and live my life as that person. I found a new tattoo place (well my best friend found it) and I like it a lot better than the other place. Not only was it very sanitary, it was a lot cheaper. It seemed to be a big deal in my family about me getting another tattoo and my nose pierced, mostly because I got my first tattoo about eight months ago. I don’t think it is a big deal, I just think I’ve allowed myself to express myself. The nose piercing I just thought was really cute (and the emotional meaning was definitely a benefit). 

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