I honor of yesterday being National Sister’s Day, I want to talk about my sisters. I have two younger sisters, Monique and Mckenzie. Monique is 16 and lives with me. Mckenzie is 6 and lives with her mother. Monique and I grew up (and still are) extremely close. Though I never really discuss my relationship with Monique on my blog, she pushes me to be the best person I can be. I can honestly say that she’s one of my favorite people and without her, I wouldn’t have been able to develop into the person I am today. More often then not, teachers expect my sister to be as good at school as I was/am. But honestly I think she’s smarter than me (she never believes this). It is my goal to be someone she can look up to and trust. I have the same goal for Mckenzie too. My relationship with her is not where I would like it to be. Monique and I don’t see her that often, and we have recently found out that our father sees her a lot more often than we do (considering we only see her once a year it’s not hard to believe that). I have realized that as I grow older I will be able to create the close relationship that I desire. When she was born, Monique and I both needed our father to allow us the space to create a relationship with her, which didn’t really happen. For whatever it is, it didn’t happen. I am at peace with the fact that it didn’t, because I understand that everything happens for a reason.  With this in mind, I am very glad I do have a close relationship with Monique and I will really miss her when I go to college. Taking time to appreciate your siblings is important. Siblings are people who push us to grow, honestly because they are there with you (like living in close proximity). Just take some time to appreciate your siblings!


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