“birds of the same feather flock together.” this is a really popular saying, that really just means that you are who you hang around. though I don’t necessarily believe you are who you hang around, I do believe that you hang around people who you are similar to (that’s why you are friends- similarities). one of the most important things in life is to have good friends. good friends are those who support you and love you for you. they push you to be your best and really actually care about you. a lot of times, people hang out with those who don’t care about them. you have to get to the point where you love yourself the most. this means that you’re going to value yourself and understand that you deserve the best friends possible. your friends are very influential, so you need to make sure that you’re picking friends that care about you. also, when you see someone’s true colors believe them. eventually the truth always comes out. so make sure that the birds you’re flocking with are people that support you. because you deserve to be supported in every aspect of your life.


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