curl update 

Hello all! So I have to fill you all in on what happened with my last trim. I tried a new stylist, and she trimmed my hair. She ended up trimming it uneven (not noticeable thank goodness). So long story short I’m back going to my old hairstylist and she’s going to trim my hair even soon. I wanted to share a new product I tried! Leave-in Condish by Miss Jessie is literally magical. I started using it as my new leave in and my curls are really becoming softer and more hydrated. I just wanted to share a picture of my curls because I haven’t taken one in a long time and I’m honestly very pleased with the definition. Since my hair type is drier, this additional moisture is great. Also if I wash my hair at night and then braid it (after doing the loc method), I realized my hair is still very moisturized and my ends aren’t as dry. Make sure you’re protecting your hair at night, it makes it so soft! Remember hydrated hair is healthier and the goal is always healthy (doesn’t have to be long) hair. Healthy hair will grow longer! Focus on health not length.




  1. WatchMeGrow says:

    The new stylist trimmed uneven ?! Damn.


  2. WatchMeGrow says:

    And amen: the goal is always healthy


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