So as I promised here is my review on my acrylic nails! I loved them. Not only were they extremely easy to take care of, but they were beautiful. I liked being able to go get my nails done (which I suppose I can anytime but I normally don’t). Overall it was a positive experience. I took my nails off after about three weeks, mostly to see how my nails were. I have struggled with keeping my nails healthy, so it was a concern. I should’ve went to the salon and had them take them off for me. The process was very lengthy and overall damaged my nails. It’s only because I had to soak my nails in acetone. So fast forward a couple weeks until now. My nails still have a little splitting at the top and I’ve just rounded them off. I did that so that my edges won’t snag as much (plus it gives my nails a new look!). With a lot of buffing, filing and care they seem to be getting back to normal. I’ve been using my Diamond Strength hardener by Sally Hansen. I love it mostly because it lasts on my nails almost all week! I bought it a while back at Ulta and it was relatively inexpensive compared to most hardeners. Overall though I would recommend getting an acrylic and would do it again. It takes less wokr than doing them at home but make sure to save yourself some type and get your nails taken off at the salon!

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