No Nut Hair Care

I never realized how much nuts are in everything. My younger sister is allergic to nuts and normally she wears her hair straight (she gets it done professionally on a regular basis), but when she washes her hair herself, she tends to use the products I use. Because I am not allergic to nuts, I’ve never thought to look at what are really in my products (besides harsh things like sulfates). I only use organic products because they work really nice with my hair. One of my favorite lines, Shea Moisture, does have nuts in it. Shea Butter has nuts in it, but there has to be only a small amount of nuts because my sister has no reaction to Shea Moisture (she did to shea butter and shea butter oil). The only oil she can use for her hair are carrot oil. I found out even coconut oil has nuts in it! The carrot oil works really nice (I tend to use it to because I keep a lot for both of us). Just be careful especially if you have a nut allergy! She used some products, specifically one from Jamaica and it made her hands swell up. If you experience any swelling, immediately wash your hands and you should contact a medical professional. My mother went to Jamaica with her best friend earlier this month, and my request to her was to get me real Jamaican Black Castor Oil for my hair. She ended up getting me the product that of the women she met there used. I love it for my hair, but it’s not nut free! (it’s pictured below)


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