Yesterday my sister and I went to the Detroit Institute of Arts for the 30 Americans exhibition. I can’t really describe what it was like but it was really informational. It was a contemporary exhibit for African Americans to express our “life” as Americans. Attached I have a few of my favorites. I like the exhibition because it just represents that a change is going to come.  There was a variety of races at the exhibition which really speaks on how everyone is becoming more open to the thought of understanding others. They had iPods that gave descriptions from either the art collectors, local teens, or the artist themself. It was great to listen to and I enjoyed learning about the piece. Please if you have the chance go check it out this weekend! It’s free for the rest of the week. 

Based off of a Tale of Two Cities- the contrast

Quote from Sojourner Truth

 Duck, Duck, Noose


 My card


Everyone’s opinions

Sound suit

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