Oil Treatments 

Recently, as I have been trying to not only grow my hair out but successfully keep it moisturized as the seasons change, I’ve been obsessed with hot oil treatments. I know that if you massage your scalp (which you are supposed to do daily) for anywhere from 3-15 minutes it can help growth. I found this out a long time ago, but since I wore my hair straight a lot more last year, I wasn’t really able to implement it until now. In addition to conditioning every night, I try to oil my scalp for around 15 minutes twice a week. I also try to just oil prior to conditioning. My sister’s assemble instructor told her yesterday that a good way to weekly condition is mixing oil and water in a spray bottle, spraying your hair, then conditioning it. While the conditioner is still in you have to place on a shower cap, then a bonnet. You should let this sit over night and rinse it out in the morning. I am looking forward to trying this and I will let you know how it is going! As for my new products (https://lovemayah.wordpress.com/2015/11/04/new-products/), I am totally in love. All of them have different properties and affect my hair slightly different, but mixing them together and then conditioning has really helped me. I’ve also noticed that cold water helps retain the moisture. Since I have a drier hair type I really try to condition often. I know that I really struggled with keeping my hair moisturized in the winter, especially when it’s curly. So I’ve made a special effort to use protective styles to keep my hair soft. My favorite protective styles is two french braids. I’ve talked about my braids before and how I french braid differently so that I get all of my hair, especially because my middle is the shortest part of my hair. Tonight I plan on Bantu Knotting my hair, and trying a new technique (if it turns out good I’ll blog about it tomorrow). I also plan on buying more oils for my oil treatments tomorrow and trying to find a good product to do a protein treatment off of. I know that there a tons of ways to make a protein treatment, so if I don’t find a good product, I’ll make one. So I wish you all happy styling and hope that your hair stays moisturized and fabulous!

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