Me to We

Today, I had my first Nordstrom Fashion Ambassador meeting. The meeting ran really smoothly, and I’m really excited to learn a lot about the fashion industry. I learned about a couple new fashion blogs, and this app/site called Bloglovin (I’ve requested to put my blog on there, so it should be up there shortly (I’ll keep you updated). So anyways, back to the meeting to the end of the meeting. We were given two friendship bracelets, from Me to We (I ended up having three but that’s besides the point, though it is crucial to the story). Me to We is this organization that works to better lives basically (I’ll post the link below). So we were all given me to we Rafikis, which in Swahili means friends (Rafiki is friend). Basically the point is you can share these with your friends, while donating to give a child access to a better education. You are able to even track the purchase. I think it’s an excellent idea, because they’re adorable and you get to help children (and as a future educator I’m all about education and helping children in general). Make sure you check out the link! 

Me to We


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