Sexualization of Women

Women are people too. Society has decided that women are objects and are to be looked at as sexual objects (even though humans as a whole are sexual beings). The picture below my best friend sent me, as we were talking about how ridiculous this whole idea of women being objects is. It was after a bunch of girls at the program were sent upstairs to go change for having on shorts (mind you, all bottoms were covered). I was ranting about how it’s ridiculous because it was 90 degrees and I was being told to change because I wasn’t supposed to be a distraction or to attract males. I think the idea of women having to be covered is silly. Because it’s my body and I should be allowed to wear whatever I want. I’m seventeen years old and if you are sexualizing me you’re the problem. The root of the problem is the fact that males are taught to look and judge a woman based off of what she has on. Males are taught it’s okay to do things that aren’t okay. What needs to happen is an enlightenment of our thinking. There needs to be a change in how women are looked it (especially because we are the bearers of all life and extremely important). Women should be praised just as men are. There’s also the issues with how women are degraded and placed into gender roles (as well as men are). It’s unnecessary and quiet frankly stupid. I believe that people are who they are, and they shouldn’t be placed into these categories that degrade them. Acceptance is key to moving forward as a generation. Meaning that you have to step outside of your comfort zone to learn to appreciate and understand other ways of living. Stay open minded.


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