WikiHow: How to Be Proud to be Black

I always am googling hair tips to help my hair process. I’m transitioning to be natural majority of the time, so I turn to google to try to find products and tips for my hair to grow. So I was looking up tips for how to grow my hair out and I scroll down and look at the suggested pages and I see “How to Be Proud to be Black”. In the back of my head I’m thinking “What in the world? Why wouldn’t you want to be Black?” But then I remember that not everyone is happy with themselves, so I look at it. I think that the post was actually more to help people become more comfortable with themselves than I expected. I thought that it would be more negative, but it really forces thouse who are uncomfortable with themselves to reevulate why they are uncomfortable and leads them to be more positive about their nationality. It was all in all a good article. Stay positive and stay comfortable with yourself.

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