As my time at Michigan State University, for the College of Education’s High School Summer Scholar’s Program,  I’ve done a lot of growing. I was there for four weeks, and just got home this morning. I learned a lot about myself and the importance of communication. Experiences like this not only have changed how I look at education and how I will be educated, but we also addressed many social issues. I learned a lot in general. It’s hard to describe but I know I’m returning home as a stronger person than I was when I went. I’m moved out of my comfort zone and grew a lot. I was not only pushed to my limits physically (the rigorous physically activity) and emotionally (I already talked about the wall in my last blog). I think it’s been the best experience possible for me. The people there really cared about each other and it was a positive experience. I could go into details about the classes and all I learned in the program, but it’s unexplainable. It was a great experience. (Class of 2016 was in the picture) 


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