Summer Hair Tips 

Summer is in full swing, July has just arrived and the heat (hopefully) is coming. In the summer it’s easiest to let your curls be free but you have to make sure you’re taking care of them to the best of your ability. This means moisturizing, conditioning, deep conditioning and oiling your scalp on a regular basis. This summer I’ve tried a few new products I’ve really loved. I decided to try a new conditioner my sister told me about, Ogx thick & full, biotin & collagen conditioner. The conditioner is supposed to promote hair growth and keep your hair healthy. I like the conditioner because of how nice it leaves my curls, and how good it smells (the smell test is so important because you don’t want a smelly conditioner). I use it almost daily with my curls as a deep conditioner. This week I’ve been protective styling, deep conditioning daily, combing out my curls (wide tooth comb) and French braiding my hair (halo French braid, two of them connected in the back). It seems to be working nice. Protective styles for the summer are a must, along with moisturizing your hair. Recently I’ve also done a couple hot oil treatment. I used Jamaican mango & lime, pure Jamaican black castor oil. I left it on for about twenty minutes, washed my hair then conditioned it like normal. It seemed to work really nice on my hair. The newest deep conditioning method I’ve used is one my moms hair stylist told her about. I used conditioner and coconut oil, put that all over my head, put on a shower cap, heated up a wet towel for one minute, wrapped it around my head (left it on for five minutes) and rinsed out the conditioner after. That worked really nice on my hair. Remember that night time styles are important to because you want to protect your curls as much as possible. Happy styling! 

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