Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a big holiday to celebrate males in society for being fathers. The true definition of a father is a male parent, or a man who fulfills that role. In our life journeys, there are people that are placed and taken out of our lives, for reasons that aren’t present for us. Specifically I’m talking about dads who aren’t in their children’s lives. I’m mentioning this because I’m seeing a lot of bitter posts on social media almost bragging that they have a father in their live, or people neglecting the holiday because there father is not present. I even saw stuff about how you should still praise your father even if he walked out on you. To me, all of this seems silly. You one shouldn’t be bragging on having a father, because it’s something you should be humble and grateful for. Second, it’s still a holiday and you should respect it, even if you’re not celebrating it. Third, just be grateful for the life you live and realize everything happens for a reason. As life goes along, you will be able to find out what you want in life. Take this day as it is. Stay positive. 

(All good, all nice)

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