One of the most important things to check is who’s in your clique (or your squad). It’s important to manage your relationships, friendships and romantic relationships also. These need to be people who unconditionally (as possible) love and accept you for you. Obviously, this is an easier tasks for some more than others, but taking the time to invest in good friends is going to help you in the long run. Everyone has their role in a relationship and it needs to be taken seriously. One of the best things to do is a self-evalution. I try to do these more often, just to see where my happiness level is (because happiness is the key to success) and how communication is going (because communication is key to relationships). It is your responsibility as a communicator to communicate as effectively as possible. This means watching your tone, word usage, et cetera to have the smoothest conversation possible. An important thing is to remove your ego from the situation. Your ego is good for many things, but can often block communication. So it’s easiest to try to communicate without it. You do need to watch who you hang around though, because emotionally you merge and you want to be surrounded by positivity (at all times). Also, you want your squad to have similar goals as you. Am I saying your friends need to do the same thing as you? No. I’m going to be an education major, and my best friends will be business and pre-medical majors. We all want to go onto college and do something successful with our lives (I want to eventually run my own school and start an education program at an HBCU (specifically Spelman College). A relationship with someone who wants to further there education and someone who is fine with where they are in life, isn’t always going to work. I describe it as: I’m at point A, I’m trying to get to point Z, and if you want to stay at point A that’s fine, but I’m moving onto point Z, with or without you. You need to have friends that want to develop emotionally, physically and mentally. People need to always stay evolving. That’s actually in my Twitter location, it reads: estoy evolucionando, which means (in Spanish) I am evolving. Because I am. I’m steady trying to grow and learn from my mistakes (do over are REAL people, learn the lesson so that when you get your do over you can successfully complete it). Make sure your friends are moving on with you, because if they aren’t, it’s time to let them go. New friends that fit your emotional state will find you. It’s all apart of the journey. Stay positive. 


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