As you continue on your journey, you will understand that life happens. This includes the positive and negative aspects of what has happened. Sometimes you’ll enjoy the ride, and other times you won’t. But when you’re not enjoying it, you have to sit back, remove yourself from the situation and learn your lesson from the experience. It’s important to allow the change to happen, because do-overs are real. Just understand that you have to accept what you cannot control, and control what you are able to control. It’s important in maintaining a balance within yourself that includes peace and happiness. I think that it’s so important to just release the past. Release what’s bothering you, and just breathe. It’s important to breathe. You have to let it go. It’s time for you to be at peace with yourself and enjoy life. Keep in mind that you have to forgive because it’s important for your state of mind. Clogged up emotions can lead to illness and imbalance. Stay happy. 


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