A lot of people are confused about what love is. I talk about it with my younger sister, and this is the definition of love I have. Love is unconditionally accepting, respecting and caring about someone. Everyone’s definition of love is different, but just know if it has conditions it’s not true. Love involves forgiveness, without them even having to apologize. My biggest example of who I love is my sister. Because I accept her for who she is (I think she’s great in all actuality), respect her, and care about her. These are things that will stay the same throughout our lives. But back to love. Love is something that is super important for everyone. Everyone craves love. Babies need the most love out of everyone, and this just shows how pure our desires are. The part of your brain that desires, is called your ID. This part develops along with your ego and super ego (your decision making brain parts, not to be confused with the ego). As we age, our IDs become more controlled, so we “need” less love. Really we still always need love. The first person you need love from is yourself. So once you get to the point where you love yourself, life becomes easier. On my phone I have a reminder set for everyday to go off at 12 in the afternoon that reads the following: “I am beautiful ❤️ (then underneath) Just remember you deserve the whole world 🌎”. I got the idea from Dove’s Twitter page, because one of the challenges was to set a reminder to say you’re beautiful everyday. So I decided to try it and I just kept it going. I challenge you all to do the same (it actually feels really nice to have the reminder). The first type of love is self love. Have a great day!


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