The Island- Play Review

Last night, my high school had a Fine Arts Festival. It was a mix and mingle event where there was art and different events going on. I was a Mistress of Ceremonies, along with another girl who goes to my school. It was a great event and I loved it. So my schools drama club, headed by my English teacher (who’s also an actress), put on a play written by Justin Petty. I’ve known Justin since the sixth grade (I’m currently a junior) and I know how hard he worked not only on the play but to get the drama club started. This is the first year for the drama club, and he’s always loved acting. So when he asked me to write a blog review on the play (which I’ll get to later), I was not only flattered but I readily agreed. I was/still am extremely proud of him. The play was a twist on the Most Dangerous Game. So the play was to take place on an island, that was owned by an older man. Three young adults, Cameron, her boyfriend Daniel and her sister Skylar were to go to the Island. They were unaware of the fact that the game involved them killing the owner. There were previous tensions between the owner and his son (who ended up during against him). The play was actually really interesting. The acting of the students was impeccable. I have no negative critiques. I got a great seat and was able to hear fine. It was a shorter play no more than thirty minutes. I just want to say I’m proud of everyone who participated in the play! Great job Justin! 

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