Bruce Jenner

I know all the blogs will be talking about Bruce after his interview with Diane Sawyer last night. I watched the whole interview with my sister and I must say it was amazing. At first I had my biases, thinking that he was selfish because he knew and he got married and lied to his ex-wives and everything. I also felt like he was selfish for lying to his children. After watching, I completely support his movement. Because first off he said that he’s only ever been attracted to women (though he mentioned being asexual at the end as far as his current sexuality), so the attraction was real and that all of his wives knew (they all saw him cross-dressing). In addition to that he was caught by his children cross dressing. I think the whole situation wasn’t ideal for him, because he wasn’t being honest with himself and it really hurt him. So I’m saying all this to say that Bruce Jenner has my support. Because he grew up in an age where he would’ve been looked down upon heavily. In today’s time it’s the most accepting than it’s ever been (we still have leaps and bounds to go but it takes time). Just be honest with yourself. Stay true to your heart and stay true to yourself. If you feel a certain way then act on it, express it (as long as it’s nonharming to you or others). So as the interview went on, ABC did a great job educating the community about the difference between sex and gender and gender-identity, et cetera. In my English class (my teacher is open minded lol), we talked about gender identity because one of the girls in my class is asexual and doesn’t want to be identified as a female (I’m only using the she pronoun because I don’t want to name names). The class was pretty accepting of it and I definefetly listened with open ears. I knew she was asexual because we talked about it in like Decemeber, so it was just more or less like a continuing conversation. I just think that everyone has an inner desire to be accepted and loved and the way to be loved is to love yourself and love others. Back to the interview, one thing they mentioned was children saying that they are transgender. I discussed it with my sister and we both had the same mindset on it. We said that if our children wanted to cross dress that’d be perfectly fine, but we wouldn’t allow the actual surgery until they’re old enough to pay for it and sign for it themselves. I said this because that’s a life altering decision and I would want to make sure my child is sure about it, because there is no going back. One other thing I’d like to mention is the Wendy Willaims clip that’s been circulating on Twitter (I have the link to the full episode below). I get how it’s offensive because Bruce just came out the whole world, but he does need to be a parent. Bruce needs to work on himself but also help Kylie. His responsibilities as a parent aren’t going anywhere because he’s going to have a sex change that he wants and can pay for. Part of me is like no that’s so rude she shouldn’t have said that, but it’s like at the same time it’s Wendy Williams she says whatever she wants and she had a point. I say all this to say,I believe that everyone should be themselves and love themselves the most. I found the following picture on Twitter and I really felt it went with all of this! Stay open minded. You learn something new everyday.

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