If you allow your life to get over complicated, it can cause problems. The best solution is to just be yourself. One thing people often forget is that you must accept yourself in order to start being accepted by others. You are always your own worst critic. Sure sometimes people won’t agree with your beliefs or life styles choices it might cause slight conflict but removing yourself from the situation as much as possible always helps. For the past couple of weeks in my English class we’ve been discussing gender, gender roles and other stereotypes. We had a big discussion about gender roles and it was really nice. I liked it because I got to state my opinion and used experiences I’ve had to back up the injustice pertaining to women in society. As a feminist, civil rights and education advocate I have a few topics (injustice in America, feminism, and education), that can really just get me going and I could really talk for hours about it. So I really enjoyed the conversation. But back to what I was saying about being yourself. That’s one of the things that have come up in the last couple of weeks and just accepting everyone for who they are. My motto is do whatever you want as long as your clothes fit. I say that for a couple reasons, one because you’re more confident when your clothes fit to your liking and two your clothes should fit (now I do understand some people cannot afford to buy new clothes, but this is not what I’m referring to, I’m referring to purchasing wrong size of clothes). You were placed on this Earth with a path and a purpose. Everyone has their job and their life will go exactly as planned. Everything is in divine order and whenever you start to stress or worry just remember that. It’s all going to be okay in the end. Just be yourself and be honest. Honesty starts from within, you cannot successfully do anything with lying. Sure people lie all the time, but it doesn’t make it right. Honesty and communication are so important in every aspect of life. Start with improving yourself. If you want someone else to act a certain way, you act that way. You cannot expect anyone to do anything you are not willing to do. Improve yourself and see how much clearer life becomes. It’s all going to be just fine. 


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