Shea Moisture

If you’ve ever read any of my hair blogs you can tell that I love Shea Moisture. I use their products on my hair and it’s really just all around nice. Most hair products for African-American hair (and curly hair in general) are on the more expensive side especially compared to the fact that women with straight hair get to pay $3 for conditioner and if you have curly hair a good conditioner is over $10. Which hence is why so many women with curly hair use natural products they make themselves because it’s less expensive. I often mix my own products, but I’ve never done it from scratch (that’s one of my new goals for the summer). But anyway’s I’m making this blog hoping someone will read it today, April 19th, and go to CVS and take advantage of the buy one get one free sale they are having for Shea Moisiture products. This is a great deal and I hope everyone takes advantage of it. I know I will! Stay fabulous!  (Ps. Shea Moisture favorited my tweet about it!)  


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