Post Trim

It’s about time for another hair update! My last hair update and length check was in February. I didn’t want to do one every month, that just seems like it’s too much. So anyways I got my hair done yesterday, as usual, and I got a protein treatment in addition to my deep conditioning treatment (I get those every time I go), and a trim. This is my first trim since November if I’m not mistaken (my sister and I sat and tried to figure it out and we came up with November). I’m not really surprised I was able to wait that long without one because of how I baby my ends, with oil and conditioner (conditioner only when my hair is curly). I don’t use a lot of oil when my hair is straight, I use probably 1/4 or so of a dime. When my hair is straight it doesnt absorb all of the oil so a portion of it just ends up sitting on my head. When my hair is curly I use a lot more oil because it absorbs it better, plus curls just need more moisture. The oil I specifically use for my ends is Coconut Oil because it helps seal the ends to prevent breakage, which can cause split ends. Deep conditioning treatments also help. Especially on curly hair, after you finish you can feel how much softer it is. For mine (when I wash my hair), I add the conditioner (I use Shea Moisture’s Raw Shea Butter Restorative conditioner, not a special deep conditioner) and just put on a shower cap (I have a special one just for my curls) and leave it on until I’m done showering, and rinse it off. One tip I’ve learned is after you’ve washed your hair don’t add oils first, because they seal the hair up so you want to add oils last after you’ve added your leave- in etc (again I don’t use a leave-in I just use Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative conditioner). Happy styling!  



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