The title of this blog just sounds depressing but that’s not the point of this. This is a post to let everyone know that they are not alone. The pain of a breakup can really hurt, and I’m currently going through that. Today marks the longest I haven’t talked to my ex since I met him. Its a milestone for me because I’m stepping into new territory. Part of me is resistant to keep moving forward because it’s going to be different. As I’ve always said change is inevitable but that doesn’t mean it’s easy (yet it’s as easy as you want it to be). I’ve decided that the transition for me will be quick and painless, so I’m just trying to stay positive and know that as I create the list of my ideal relationship and the ideal man for me (yes I said man). When I went to church on Easter, for the first time since last September (it was right after me and my ex seperated for the first time), I felt at home. It was a wonderful sermon and I really enjoyed myself. I’m definitely going to start going more. But at church the Reverend was basically talking about how with God we can get through rough times and that life gets easier when you surrender to God and go at God’s speed, while you are letting go of the past and moving forward. The message really spoke to me and I know that it’s time to move on. It’s going to be just fine and you’ll be just fine too. I know that it might seem hard and you might cry, but let yourself cry. Let crying wash away the pain. I truly am blessed to have the friends that I have because they truly care about me. Just ask for discernment and be within the essence of truth, it will lead you to find your true friends too. Someone cares about you. Someone loves you. You are surrounded by love and light. It’s all going to be just fine. 


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