So as you know, I said that for my trying something new I was going to try out for the girls tennis team. I went to the informational meeting last week and everything. I’ve never played tennis before and I didn’t know how to play, so when she said there was no experience needed I was kind of excited. The first conditioning was mainly just running and practicing hitting, no techniques shown, no instruction, nothing. So at the second conditioning she’s basically saying she’d prefer freshman and sophomores. I’m not thinking that’s a big deal, because she also said try outs weren’t until Tuesday or Wednesday. In my head I’m thinking well okay, that’s fine. But to my suprise as we are doing an exercise she’s picking girls one by one to go on the other side of the gym with the returning players. Then at the end, she picks two girls out of the group that’s left and tells the rest of us to go home. I was upset, of course because I really tried but truly I don’t even know the rules of tennis let alone the techniques. I’m telling all of this to say that people don’t always communicate what they mean or mean what they say. She should’ve just said that she only wanted freshman or sophomores to try out or people with experience. She wasted a lot of her time and others time by not communicating. I’m taking this whole thing as a lesson on communication. Communication is very important. In every aspect of life. I guess tennis just wasn’t for me, but still I learned something. 

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