As Spring is approaching I’m really trying to change my life. I want to be more positive focusing on healthiness and happiness. It’s so important for me to just be at peace in order for me to be healthy and happy. So it’s been three weeks since the break up, and Ive just been reflecting on it. Break ups can really change you. In this case I’ve gotten stronger (I’m still super sensitive). I’m actually doing a lot better. It’s interesting because I’ve never been through this before. I can’t really describe how I feel because it changes as the day goes on. I don’t cry. Or if I do it’s little to none (I’m a crier so crying for me it’s a big deal). I’m healing. Slowly but surely I’m healing. Just know that time heals all wounds and that you will be just fine. Music helps me a lot, especially Jhené Aiko. Her music just takes me to a better place. I listen to Souled Out about every day (mostly in my 3D Art class, she’s an inspiration). I’ve always loved her, but this time it’s different. So this isn’t what this post was supposed to be about, but talking about the break-up has a lot to do with what I had to say. I wanted to talk about the Spring Equinox. It’s really just a big shift of energy that basically is allowing you to manifest your positive ideas into reality. So in honor of this, I made a long list of everything I want in my next relationship (person and relationship wise). Don’t get me wrong I’m not rushing moving on at all (I’m actually taking this as a time to get myself together), I just know that if its a time to put out what I want, the time is now. I challenge you to do the same thing. My list is super long. Personally I don’t care I think it’s a great list and I deserve every single thing on it. (I’ll post my list if you like, just comment). I think it’s important to stay positive and just to keep moving forward. Sometimes I do feel lonely, and it’s okay to feel that way. One thing one of my best friends has taught me is that it’s okay to be sad sometimes and that happiness is not something to be searched for, you have to be at peace and let happiness come to you. Stay positive.  


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