It’s really important to be happy. I don’t think I can stress that enough. Stress can bring only negative things into your life, such as illness and hair loss. You want to bring positive things like healthiness, good communication, happiness and love into your life. But like I’ve said before you have to open your heart to get to that point. It’s not always “easy” to change your patterns but I truly believe it can be done. I’ve discussed the idea that people can change with my younger sister. My argument basically was that people can change if they want to. Experiences change people and can help mold them into the best version of themselves. I know that people can change because I’ve changed. I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I put myself and my feelings first. Yes I still try to be considerate of others feelings but I put mine first. I just know that I will love myself the most out of everyone. One of my best friends sent me the picture attached (the one of Kanye West), with the caption “This is you”. It’s true. I know that I have to love myself because it’s the first step. It’s the first step to my journey in life. It’s everyone’s first step. You truly start living when you care about yourself the most. Because let’s all be real no one will care about you like you care about you. Ever. It’s not possible to replicate or compare how you care about yourself if you really do. You have to truly take care of yourself and love yourself so that eventually happiness will enter your life. Here’s my strategy: I only have good days. I might have a part of the day that’s bad, like I might have a rough morning, but I always have a good day. Each day is experience to be the best version of yourself possible. Every minute is. Every second. Do what you have to do today. Waiting until Monday to start something new isn’t going to help anything. Do it today. Do it now. Each day is a new beginning. Open your heart and see what the universe gives you. Love attracts love. Real attracts real. Keep that in mind  


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