Society has made up these roles and the way that individuals are supposed to act. They’ve made gender roles and stereotypes to prohibit growth. They’ve decided that boys aren’t to communicate, and allows males to do whatever they’d please, adding the simple phrase “boys will be boys”. But there is no “girls will be girls”, there’s only “girls just wanna have fun”. But when girls go and “have fun”, they are judged for it. Females are judged in so many unhealthy ways. My favorite Super Bowl commercial yesterday was Always , #likeagirl. It was a beautiful commercial about stereotypes and how we have the ability to change what “like a girl” means. As a feminist, I don’t believe in gender roles. At all I believe that in a relationship two individuals (or three if that’s your thing) are to flourish and love each other unconditionally. This means that they accept the other person (people) for who they are. Meaning that they can be as sensitive, as romantic, as loving, as caring as they like. You should not be limited by the roles that society has placed upon us. You are free to be you and express yourself how you please. Live your life the way you choose to live it. There is always the issue of females not supporting the feminist movement (which is crazy to me how do you not support a movement that is the reason why you are placed where you are in society, which is way higher than where your ancestors where?). We all need to come together and support each other, knowing that you’re treating someone else how you’d want to be treated. As long as you’re being non-violent and not harming yourself or others, there is nothing wrong with what you do. Try to communicate how you feel in the most affective way possible. It will all fall into place, just have faith and patience. It’s all going to be okay. Be you. Stay positive

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