The Inversion Method and my hair update

Hi loves! I’m sure most of you are familiar with the inversion method. It’s a hair massage technique that involves you massaging your head with your head facing downwards for about 3 minutes. This is basically to get your blood to flow to your scalp and help growth. I’ve seen tons of YouTube videos on it, some girls use oil, some don’t. I don’t use oil, I normally just massage my scalp (gently) with my head facing down for anywhere from 2 to 3 minutes. Since I normally do it prior to going to bed, I then go about wrapping or rolling my hair (which is part of my nightly routine). As I’ve said before it’s important to have a nightly hair care routine, because your ends need to be babied.

And now for my hair update! In case you didn’t know (odds are you don’t know) I have eczema on my scalp, along with other areas on my skin. My eczema last year this time was much worse, and I ended up having to cut off a portion of my hair that was just dead. It was a great decision, and with the proper medical care (creams, shampoos and a bunch of doctor appointments) my hair started to grow back really nicely. But since one of my creams is oil based, it leaves my hair really oily. So lately after it starts getting oily, I ended up wetting it and doing Bantu knots on my hair. I don’t know if I’ve said this (I probably have) due to my hair type I only get my hair washed, blow dried and flat ironed by my hair stylist every two weeks. So since my appointments are every two weeks, after it gets oily (which is about a week after I get it done) I just Bantu knot it. My growth has been pretty good, and I’m pleased with it. Also the Bantu knots give it a nice style that I can manipulate very easily. I’ll post a hair length check picture once my curls fall. I’m doing a hair length check soon because natural hair is a two-way street. It either can completely damage your hair if you don’t know what you are doing or it can just be absolutely beautiful and your hair will grow really long. I suggest you try a variety of things and products to find out what really works with your hair. I hope that my hair tips in my other blogs help!


  1. inzhirov says:

    wow i never really thought that just massaging your hair could help your hair growth. ive been having a hard time with hair growth too a while back but i’ve been getting great results after discovering some awesome products called Monat. Now i think i will not only use their oil treatment but massage my scalp. Thank you;] Monat products are pretty new launched last october but they are awesome. naturally based on 11 oils from all over the earth that mimic the bodies natural oils for hairgrowth. I noticed you said u had eczema, my husband had it too and one of the products from Monat actualy helped him with light eczema, it wasn’t very severe for him but Rejuveniqe Oil intensive, just a few drops each day healed and got rid of the rough red skin and scars. i posted several posts on my blog, just thought I’d mention it. pretty cool that these products arent only good for your hair but skin too. thanks for your post!


    1. papayah24 says:

      Thank you so much! I’ll definetely look into the Monat products and check out your blog!


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