Relationships thrive on a few things: trust, love, and communication. Yes, other things are important, such as the emotional connection you share, but none are as important as those three. Also your happiness is first and foremost, but you all know that. If you are not happy in a relationship, it just might not be time for that relationship. If you are truly meant to be with someone, just trust that you will be. Everything happens for a reason and sometimes a break is good. Work on yourself while you’re in a relationship. Any relationship you have is to help you better yourself and them better themselves. You are to have a support system that truly is good for you. This may not come easy for everyone, so be patient. Know that you need to be at the base of your support system. After you support yourself, others will bring positivity, love, fun and support into your life. Trust in the process. Keep in mind that not all relationships are positive, and that sometimes people’s intentions for being “friends” with you are not always genuine. People lie. This is something that is true, so you should try to be with people that are honest, knowing that eventually the truth will be revealed, at the perfect time and the perfect place. It’s all in divine order. Trust in the process knowing that this is the path you are to be on. “It’s only called going through it, because you get passed it, you don’t get stuck there.” Relationships have fights and arguments and are not always simple due to lack of communication, but it will all get better. Everyone will be fine. Remember that it is all okay in the end, and if it’s not okay, it’s not the end. Keep your peace. And your peace of mind.



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