Love and Acceptance

I just wanted to take this time to remember that you need love too. You are to give love and receive love. But you cannot expect someone to love you the way you desire to be loved. That is unrealistic, because everyone is a different person. Everyone’s self-expression, loves, likes, dislikes and abilities are unique. Accept everyone for who they really are. All love starts from self-love. You have to decide that you are worth loving. You are, I believe you are, but you need to know that. Another thing, accept others. Lately a big conversation between my younger sister and I has been about the LGBTQ community, and the difficulties they (unrightfully face). In my opinion, sexuality is just a part of who you are. It’s how you’re born. You are born, and eventually you find your likes, dislikes, and sexuality. It’s human nature and no one should be judged for it. I’m saying all of this to say, that love is love. No matter the form, the color, the size, or looks, love is love. When you love yourself you love the parts of you that are special, unique or different. This is how you should love someone else to, love them for them. This means that you are nonjudgemental towards others. You are in NO position to judge someone. You don’t know their story. Be kind. Be caring. Be loving. You don’t know what some kinds words will do to a person who’s upset. This means that you accept all positive people into your life. (Remember, you should surround yourself with those who are positive and good for you). Judging someone for something that makes them them is crazy. It is not acceptable. I understand that some say that those in the LGBTQ community are wrong, but to say that they are wrong for being who they are is wrong. Love everyone. It’s time for you to release the biases you have against others. Different isn’t bad; different is just different. Change is inevitable, and everyone you meet will not be like you (because in fact there is only one you). You just have to learn that accepting yourself and others will make you happy, and give you the peace you deserve. Everyone deserves love, true love, genuine love. Stay happy.

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