More Winter Hair Care Tips

The winter air can be so cruel to hair. Especially curly hair. This winter I’ve actually been wearing my hair curly, just about every other week. My hair gets really oily, so I end up just wetting and doing Bantu knots. I do the knots different than other YouTube videos I’ve seen, my mom created her own spin on how to do the knots, and I just follow that. But back to hair care tips. I use a mixture of oils, Vitamin E, Silk by Design Essentials (only one or two drops), Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, and Herbal Complex by Design Essentials (this is actually a solid). I just get my oils from my local beauty supply store. This time, I added a couple drops of water. After I warmed it for about 30 seconds. I like the oil mixture because it allows my hair to be moisturized, and the silk and coconut oil penetrate the hair follicle so my hair doesn’t dry out. My hair loves the water and conditioner from the knots. NEVER SKIP A NIGHT. Never, it’s a bad idea. You should protect your hair every single night, especially if it’s curly. You don’t want to damage your hair by not babying your ends and edges. Find out where your problem spot it. Mine happens to be my crown. My crown is a different texture of curls, and it gets drier fast, so I know that I need to make sure I moisturize it. Lastly, just embrace your hair. Everyone’s hair is different so just love what you have. Everyone’s hair grows at different rates. Speaking of growth, I want to talk about the inversion method! I love it, it’s basically massage your scalp with your head down so your scalp gets more blood flow. You only need to do it for like three minutes, and there are tons of YouTube videos on it. What I did last night, was I did the inversion method for two minutes, and after I parted my hair (with a side part for the knots, you’ll see my hair now at the bottom) into two halves to begin with, and just massaged the oil mixture in (doing the left side first, and after completing all the knots on the left side, I oiled my right side and completed the knots). And after, I added oil to my scalp (like on the parts). I try also to drink a lot of water, so that my hair stays moisturized. I hope these tips help! Remember to love your hair!


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